My Genealogy

Two valuable resources validate my ancestry; The Book Of Wilders by Rev. Moses Wilder 1878 (revised edition 1963) compiled by Edwin M. Wilder, M. D. Sacramento, California, and The History Of The Town Of Hingham Massachusetts The Genealogies, by George Lincoln, published by the Town in 1893. These authors and their families are owed our applause and respect.


The short version:


In America:

James Wilder 1943
Bernays Lewis Wilder 1908---1985
Alfred Sylvester Wilder 1887---1921
John Remington Wilder 1847---1880
John Randall Wilder 1814—1869
Zechariah Wilder Jr. 1786---1859

In the Colonies

Zechariah Wilder Sr. 1754---1807
John Wilder 1727---1786
Ephraim Wilder 1696---1770
John Wilder 1653---1724
Edward (The Immigrant) Wilder 1623---1690 (Landed in Hingham, Massachusetts -----1635)

In England

Thomas and Martha of Shiplake, England alive---1630s
Thomas and Margaret of Sulham, England alive---1600s
John and Alice of Sulham, England alive---1590s
John and Alice  of Sulham, England alive---1580s
 Nicholas and Isabel of Nunhide/Sulham England



It is believed that Nicholas Wilder (or Wyldar) was a German soldier in the army of the Earl of Richmond, the Lancastrian claimant to the throne of England who landed at Milford Haven and defeated Richard the III at the Battle of Bosworth in 1485. The Earl of Richmond then became King Henry VII. On the 15th of April 1497 as a token of his esteem and a reward for his service gave Nicholas a landed estate and a Grant of Arms.

This estate at Sulham and Nunhide is still in the Wilder family, just west of Reading, England, I was there in 2005.