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Wilder Coat of Arms

During the middle ages, men going into battle wore suits of armor and helmets which made it impossible to see who was inside.  About the time of the Third Crusade, during the latter part of the twelfth century, they began to paint identifying designs on their shields so that friends would not accidentally attack each other in the heat if battle.  Later, these designs were embroidered on the sur-coat worn over a coat of mail, giving us the term “coat of arms”.  A crest, also for identification, was worn on the top of the helmet.  The design of a lion, first used in France and them in England, is a sign of royalty.  It is used by kings and granted to those whom they favor, as a sign of honor.  A savage, in heraldry, is represented as a bearded white man with a band of leaves around his head.

This coat of arms, with a landed estate, was given in 1497 to Nicholas Wylder by King Henry VII of England as a token of his favor.  It is recorded in General Armory by Crozier, 1904 edition, page 137 and in General Armory by Burke, 1979 edition, page 1111.  The description is shown below with and explanation of it’s meaning.

  • ARMS:  Gules, from a fesse or charged with two barrulets azure, a demi-lion rampant issuant of the second.
  • CREST:  A savage’s head affrontee, couped at the shoulders, the temples entwined with woodbines all proper.
  • MOTTO:  VIRTUTI MOENIA CEDANT (Let fortresses yield to valor).

The shield is red.  Across the middle is a wide horizontal gold band.  Two narrow blue stripes are on the gold band.  The top half of a gold lion standing erect shows above the gold band.  The crest, a bust of a savage and the band of woodbine leaves around his head are of natural color.

The Wilder Coat of Arms

Bestowed on Nicholas Wilder of “Nunhide”, Berkshire County, on April 15th 1497 along with the Land Grant of “Sulham”, same County, by the King Henery VII, for services to him, then the Earl of Richmond, in the Normal Invasion, landing at Milford Haven, and the Battle of Bosworth, in the year of 1485 A.D.

  • ARMS:  “Gules, from a few, Or. Charged with two barrulets Azure, a demi lion rampant issuant of the second”.
  • CREST:  “A savage’s head affrontee, couped at the shoulders, the temples entwined with woodbines, all proper”.
  • MOTTO:  Virtuti Moenia Cedant (The strongest wall yields to persistance).