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Welcome to WilderCousins.com!

Welcome to my site. I’m Jim Wilder, an amateur genealogist who had a pro tell me that I’ve hit the mother lode.... and I think she is correct. I have found my lineage back to 15th century England. I’ve walked on the 500 year old  "Wilder Estate" in Sulham, England  (photos attached), and visited one of the first Wilder homes to be built in America in 1650 (photos attached). I’ve stood at the gravesites of many of them and walked on paths I know they walked. I have photo copies of Family Wills written prior to the Revolutionary War and I found a copy of a personally hand written note, dated 1846, eloquently signed by my gg-grand father John Randall Wilder.

If you’re new to the Wilder search, I think you’ll find this information interesting. I’ve been at it about seven years. I’m a 1943 model and NOT a techie and I type real slow, please keep that in mind.

Everything I have discovered was out there waiting to be discovered, I have not dug up anything new to the Wilder history except the FamilyTreeDNA project…I think we have a physical link to the Wilders of the world,  and if you choose to be tested it will give credence to your connection within the family. I have found a proven common ancestor through this test that I would not have found by any other means. Jason Wilder and I have an identical DNA match and have found our eighth great grand father was one and the same, John Wilder of Hingham, Massachusetts, 1727.

I invite you into my site to browse and hope you’ll find something of interest or maybe a new path to follow in your search to go forward by looking back.

Cousin, Jim